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Tag, You're It - Confirmation Version

Tag, You're It - Confirmation Version

By grace God tags us with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and boldly says,” You’re it!” We
are to know it, believe it, pray it, and do it. With his creative friends, Herb Brokering
and Penne Sewall, Dick Hardel wrote this playful book that unites home and
congregation as partners in nurturing faith. With 53 modern parables by Herb
Brokering, 53 clown routines by Penne Sewall and Dick Hardel, and 4 family “its” or
activities for each of the 53 lessons by Dick Hardel families and small groups can have
great faith discussion on the following areas of faith formation: The Ten
Commandments, The Apostles’ Creed, the Lord’s Prayer, Baptism, Holy Communion,
and Confession & Absolution. Another version is being completed for a new resource
of Confirmation at Home.