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Confirmation Card - Cross with Footprints

Confirmation Card - Cross with Footprints


You will receive a zipped file with the PDF for the cover and PDFs for the optional texts.

How to Unzip Zip Files

Print the cover, let the paper dry for 30 seconds, then put it back in the printer with the photo page up and on the upper right of the paper to print the inside text choice.

Inside choices for this cover, you will receive a pdf for each choice:

  • You have been confirmed as a disciple of Jesus  Christ.  As the Holy Spirit continues to shape you along your faith journey, start each day anew from the cross and leave footprints with your life so that others can see your life is shaped by God’s grace.

  • In baptism you were splashed with God’s promise and called to walk in the newness of life in Christ.  Your confirmation reaffirms God’s call for you to always leave footprints from the cross of Jesus with every milestone on your faith journey!