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Baptismal Anniversary Card - Way of Life

Baptismal Anniversary Card - Way of Life


You will receive a zipped file with the PDF for the cover and PDFs for the optional texts.

How to Unzip Zip Files

Print the cover, let the paper dry for 30 seconds, then put it back in the printer with the photo page up and on the upper right of the paper to print the inside text choice.

Inside choices for this cover, you will receive a pdf for each choice:

  • Baptism is a way of life as a disciple of Jesus.   Wherever you are, city, suburb, or country, being a disciple of Jesus is filled with sudden turns  and ups and downs.  May the Holy Spirit guide  you throughout your faith journey!
  • Living out one’s Baptism is not an easy calling.   There are so many ways one can slip-slide away  from the path of righteousness.  You were covered  with grace and splashed with God’s promise.  Jesus is with you in love at every turn of life.

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